Friday, 18 March 2011

Chocolate Truffle

Photo by Anna

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to make Chocolate Truffles. This recipe is quite complicated in the part of Tempering chocolate for the truffle shells. You need a bit more study and practice to get the right thing but for the ganache is pretty easy to make which also you can use this ganache for pipe for decorate cake or use for the macaroon filling. If you never temper chocolate before, I recommended you to try it several time before using chocolate mould because it is very difficult to get untemper chocolate out from it (you might need to wash your chocolate out from the mould instead, sad story isn’t it?)  T^T
For the person who even read until here and still have no idea what is tempering chocolate? Why we need to do it? and how to do it?  In my future blog updating I might make some “Lecture Class” explain about tempering chocolate to make you more understand about it. It not too difficult anyways but you just needs to practise ^ ^”
Anyways, now let see today our recipe.
75 g                 Dark Chocolate          
75 g                 Whipping cream         
10  g                Butter                         
10 g                 Praline paste               
5 ml                 Kirsch 

Truffle shell                 
300g Dark chocolate, tempered
50g White Chocolate, tempered        

1.      To make the ganache, melt The chocolate and praline over low heat
2.      Heath the cream in saucepan until reach 40°c
3.      Allow the cream to cool slightly before gradually combining  ½ at  a time with chocolate
4.      Add butter gradually. Stir until combine. Finish by adding the alcohol of your choice.
5.      To make the truffle shell, Steam polish the chocolate mould. Pipe the tempered white chocolate the design you want in to the mould and scrap the excess off. Pour temped dark chocolate in to each mould, flip it out side down and then tap the mould several times to make it form thin shell. Scrape the excess out.
6.      Once it set ¾ fill with ganache.
7.      Allow ganache to set then seal with tempered chocolate.
8.      Tap the mould upside down gently to remove the truffles.