Sunday, 13 March 2011

Brioche Bread Pudding

Photo By Anna

This recipe is made by requesting of my lovely Malaysian friend, Amelia, who used to live in London before go back to her country. I also have plenty of Brioches left over from the practicing before exam so this is the good chance to make it for her ;) Brioche is the bread that very rich in milk, egg, and butter. So, it tastes very nice even on its own. If you can’t find Brioche in your country you can use any sweet bread or any soft plain bread and spread butter on top. In this recipe, cinnamon and raisins are optional you can put them if you like, but for me I prefer plain custard taste ^ ^”

200g                Brioche bread                         
300 ml             Cream             
50 g                 Sugar              
1                      Egg yolk                   
1                      Whole egg
½                     Vanilla pod    
Pinch  of          Cinnamon (optional)
Handful of        Raisins (optional)

Yield : 2 – 4 serving

1.      Warm the oven at 160°c
2.      Cut Brioche in to Cubes and spread in the deep bottom dishes. (sprinkle with raisins)
3.      Split vanilla pod in half, scrap out the seed and put all seed and pod in cream.
4.      Whisk all egg and sugar (and cinnamon) in heatproof bowl until it become foamy.
5.      Heat the cream on medium heat until nearly boil and stream begin to come out.
6.      Slowly pour hot cream in to egg, always whisking while pouring.
7.      Transfer the mixture to a jug and discard vanilla pod.
8.      Pour hot cream on top of Brioche bread.
9.      Bake for around 25 minute or until toothpick inserted come out clean.

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